Shape the Black Sky

Shape the Black Sky

ISBN: 0595344399

ISBN 13: 9780595344390

Publication Date: February 01, 2005

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 184

Format: Paperback

Author: Christopher J. Dwyer

2.00 of 2

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Dez Cylan is going through a rough period in his life. His girlfriend has just broken up with him, leaving him to wallow in misery in the small city of Revmont, Massachusetts. Professor Bruce Ulrich is tracing the rare Venus transit and comes across a haunting document from 1882, the last time the transit occurred. He questions his ethical nature about publicizing the information, all the while dealing with a painful divorce. Both Dez and Professor Ulrich brace themselves for the terror that envelops the city once the Venus transit begins to take shape, as its cosmic effects will leave them fighting for their lives. They will find that their enemy is the black night sky.

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